Wednesday, July 15, 2015

And back again....

Back again from sea, boy ten days (well eleven counting travel) really seemed like a long time. The month in Antarctica in October is going to be REALLY hard. Brandon enjoyed his time with Dylan though, really embraced it, and although there were some rough nights, dadda came through it all, as we knew he would. We're pretty lucky to have such an amazing guy in our life...:)

Other big developments here is that i've finally been offered, and have accepted, a tenure track job at UMaine. So finally off the hamster wheel of having to find my own salary from research grants, UMaine will now pay me 9 months of salary per year, and in turn I can teach more, which i'm really looking forward to. So maybe we are here for a long time after all....come January i'll have lived in Maine for longer than i've lived anywhere since leaving home at 18, now that will be a record! Good thing we really like it here....:) 

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