Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Upstairs finished!

Master bedroom

Master bedroom closet

Spare room

Spare room

Landing area


By by wall of the spare room! 

Opening the bathroom (right) into the corridor

Bathroom (this actually still looks like this behind closed doors, one day soon we'll tackle that bathroom....maybe pre-potty training!)

Ripping out the master closets

Checking out his new room! 

Drywall and deciding on colors! 

The corridor

Colors for Dylan's room and Brandon's office. 

Carpet underlay


New carpet on the stairs! 
The corridor - bathroom (unfinished) on the left, Dylan's room dead ahead and Brandon's office to the right. 

Dylan's polar room! 

Brandon's office and another spare room (futon). 

Reading nook on the landing. 

Master closet! 

Finally, a finished bedroom! 

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