Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Operation: Eat through my cupboard....

Anyone who's lived with me knows I have probably a years worth of food stored at any one time, all be it in slightly "different" combinations of meals. Primarily this is because i'm somewhat fickle in the food department, though I eat pretty much anything, what I fancy on a daily basis really changes, and if I don't have something I fancy in the house, I tend to eat chocolate for dinner, so it's important for me to keep my fridge/freezer/shelves stocked at all times so I can eat healthier than a bar of chocolate or nutella sandwiches (which though awesome, are not whole nutrition at it's best). The food stockpiling thing is all the rage right now too, so I feel slightly ahead of the times on this.

So i'm starting to think of the "big move". In reality my things will probably be shipped out sometime in November, which gives me until November to eat through my fridge/freezer/shelves. So i've decided, for a few weeks at least, not to buy any food. None. Now before anyone panics about this - I use dried milk because it's considerably cheaper than real milk, and I have a whole new Costco box of it, and I have a ton of frozen fruit and veg around, as well as multiple packets of yoghurt. So i'm not going to die of malnutrition here. It's just going to be a good exercise in using up the major components of my kitchen. So wish me luck as I go through the next few weeks, eating some pretty unusual meals i'm sure. In all this too, i'm going to keep bringing in my lunch to work, so there might be some eyebrows raised....we'll see!

Oh - and i'm starting to update my lab blog - so be sure to check that out as I'm running up to some Alaska projects. Tab is on the sidebar!

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Nicola (Which Name?) said...

oh my gosh! How timely! I went shopping yesterday and went way over grocery budget, which is ridiculous given I have the same stockpile disease you do and it is summer, so we are growing some of our food! So I am with you on sotckpile consumption!