Sunday, June 6, 2010


I'm here, after an exhausting two days of travel. We overnighted in Olympia on the way over, luckily another group going from the university has (literally) taken me in and I got to stay with a colleagues folks along with his grad students overnight in a beautiful spot in Olympia. Just enough time in the morning to squeak in a hike before heading back to the airport. We got into Reykjavik this morning, and again the same group took me in and rather than staying in the hostel i'm now staying in the apartment they've rented. So nice...:0)

I'm about to hit the hay, i'm totally toast, and the meeting starts early tomorrow. Already caught up with a few folks from lives past at registration today, looking forward to more tomorrow.

A wee hike in the AM with Jeff and his grad students.

Beautiful old growth forest on the Puget Sound

Old railway, used to transport logs to Seattle.

And in Reykjavik, looking for somewhere to eat before heading in.....

..........and we did not eat here.....

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Nicola (Which Name?) said...

Wow! Beautiful.
I know know know you are tired, but you are seeing places (often) that I can only daydream of.