Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm off!

It's 11pm and i'm up at 4am to get on a plane - yay! Everything is packed away and even in the car, as it's way too early in the AM to be lugging two giant bags down the stairs. I should do that more often, stops me last minute re-arranging....:0)

So i'm off to do two of my favorite things - camping and science - and even combine those two for a few days. I'm really excited, relieved, and happy the time has finally got here. Glacier Bay National Park here I come! Don't forget to tune into my science blog (link on the right), that's where i'll be posting photos (look under Glacier Bay National Park Corals link), i'll try and check in here sometimes too, internet is going to be pretty sporadic, so no promises until I get back!

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BSA said...

have a wonderful, wonderful trip. I hope the weather is perfect and that your break contains all that you need. if you need more books try Michener's Alaska (good for lots of rainy days) and Alaska set mysteries by Sue henry and Dana Stabenow.