Monday, August 9, 2010

Updating Online Expeditions

I've been updating my lab blogs - they're finally going live! Getting ready for the two projects i'm heading out on in 10 days! Yikes that came around quickly....

Glacier Bay National Park - 28th Aug - 2nd Sept - Stian and I head to Glacier Bay National Park to use a drop camera and CTD (Conductivity (for salinity of the water), Temperature & Depth sensor) to investigate a few areas for cold water corals. This expedition is really a taster, checking out the park, meeting the Park Service people and working out logistics for hopefully more expeditions to come in the future.

Alaskan Fjord Coral Reproduction - 3rd Sept - 11th Sept -  I head out with folks from NOAA Juneau on a expedition to tag 30 Red Tree Corals by SCUBA to look at their reproduction throughout the year. This is the first of 5 cruises, and likely the only one that I will actually go on.

And of course, before any of that, a hopefully glorious and much needed break, kayaking around Glacier Bay National Park, camping on the shores of the Beardslee Islands, watching the whales and bears and sea otters go by. Who knows, maybe i'll even get to read a book.

I'll try and update here as much as possible, once back from kayaking the lab blog will be my priority, as those go to program officers to look at and hopefully give me money to keep doing what i'm doing....:0) So this is just a heads up, it'll be a bit sporadic from here, but hopefully some spectacular pictures to come. I leave next week. Better keep writing the proposal i'm doodling over.......

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Nicola (Which Name?) said...

Awesome! I just bought tickets to AK, but I don't think I will see all the beauty you will!