Thursday, August 5, 2010

One year

Wow, it's been one year since I started logging my miles using my Nike +. I think this little $50 device has been the biggest confidence booster for me. It's instant gratification. I come back from my run, plug it into my computer, see how i've done and share how i've done. And it keeps a track so I can say things like - i've run 397 miles in a year, awesome! In reality, as I know there are a few non-logged miles, I have really run over 400 miles in a year, really really awesome. Considering I hadn't run 1 mile a year just 1.5 years ago.

So a quick update while i'm blogging here. It's been hectic, still is hectic and i'm sick. It's always when I can least afford it that I get sick, so i'm going all out there and saying 'Ass'. Some stomach & snot monster combo going on, I actually stayed home on tuesday. Some things that have happened in the last week -

- In terms of proposal submissions, I am now at the University of Maine, all transferred over, and man they have a WAY easier system to deal with than Hawaii
- One proposal is 75% there, one is 50% there
- I have another short proposal to write before I go, to try and get some postdoc funding for a grad student here
- Due to the s**t Hawaii system I still have not been paid back for my travel to Iceland, so am just about at the end of my tether. It took everything for me not to shout at our awful secretary this morning. My displeasure was noted however
- I did get my Advanced Open Water card today, yay
- Since monday i've received 379 emails, written 128, probably spent an entire day on work related phone or skype calls
- My grad student moved over to another faculty in Hawaii (she hasn't arrived here yet, she starts this fall semester), she didn't want to come to Maine, and at this point I didn't really want her to come to Maine, so it's worked out well for all. I'm deciding whether to move that money over to a postdoc or hire a grad student.
- One paper accepted, another sneaking closer to review.....closer....
- Worked out my finances and if I take 75% salary (for contrast i'm on 66% right now) I have just over a year of time in Maine. This makes me feel good, i've been worried.
- It looks like I might have a fight on my hands for some of my equipment. I'm getting ready.

So some ups and downs. 2 weeks today until I head to Alaska. Still a ton to do.....

Hope you've all had a good week!


BSA said...

Hope you are now feeling better! Sick or not, your list of acievements is amazing! It sounds as if things were a win-win with your doctoral student--Ihope I have that right. And 400 miles for a non-runner!!! Amazingly impressive!

RGW said...

Definitely a win-win - I was getting pretty frustrated with her for a number of reasons, so i'm not sure it would have been a good combo if she'd decided to move with me. And now it frees up that $$s, which is not a bad thing right now either.

DDdd said...

congrats on all the great progress on the fitness and work fronts! I hope you feel better soon... amazing how lack of sleep and stress always seem to culminate in sickness. arg.

Nicola (Which Name?) said...

i am sorry you have been sick as ass. feeling any better?
i am excited for you for maine. alaska, too. i am about to buy tickets to Ak for september!