Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy List

Okay, so i'm delayed on my Happy List after Moanday, but it means that I was actually busy, being happy, yesterday!

1. University of Maine is awesome. From what I have experienced already, it is doing cartwheels around the support we get at the University of Hawaii. I had a wonderful call from a lady in the procurement department of UMaine. She is dealing with my move. She totally solved all issues with my car, and little Belle, today, got on a truck to the Cape, and should be there on the 17th November. Awesome. She also walked me through other things I hadn't thought of for my move, confirmed the container and was just, generally, awesome. I have loved Hawaii, I have not loved the University of Hawaii. I love Maine and so far I love the University of Maine. Match made in heaven?

2. Did anyone notice that i'm now over 600 miles running? I didn't and it was a wonderful surprise!

3. After a few hours on the phone then getting that phone call from Maine I went on my 9 mile training run (this mileage was for the Kings - thanks guys!) and it went GREAT! I felt great, I blew out all the tension and just enjoyed it! I did 4 laps around my favorite park, stopping at the car for gatorade at each lap (which is around the same distance as the water stops in the marathon - so is great training!).

4. I got to spend some Hannah time yesterday. Play keeps you young, and it's so true, there's nothing better to wipe away stress than spending some time with a bubbly 1.5 yr old! Jenny and I did Costco and they had a great special on a big lion rug, so Jenny got one. So Hannah and I spent the store time roaring at each other. It was awesome. And at the house as I went to leave and said goodbye, Hannah came up to the door and said "Reee, up up!", it was so darn cute. I've officially moved on from Mary thank goodness, she's called me Reee a few times now, so we think it may have stuck, and that's close enough for me! I'm moving in with them this weekend, and can't wait to get some more little H time!

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Unknown said...

So happy your moving problems are solved! Great run, 9 miles on a week day? Fabulous!