Saturday, November 27, 2010

I'm back!

And oh i've been enjoying the week of quiet time and not being bugged, sometimes it's just nice to be off the radar, but I guess that has to end sometime. Life has been going well, but I totally fooled myself into thinking it would be quieter once the container left, work was basically on hold there for a few weeks, so that all hit me and a week and a half on and i'm still playing catch-up! 

Here's the update in photos.....

Week before last  - Tuesday I spent the day cleaning my little Grodnick house and making sure there was nothing I forgot that needed to go into the container, doing some final packing and repacking of the container.

Week before last - Wednesday - the container was picked up and headed out on it's way. It won't arrive in Maine until the 27th December, just a few days before I do! Right at the moment it's somewhere getting close to California, it should be there on the 30th.

Last weekend - a little Aloha in the Park, getting my leaving party done and dusted - a little early, but with impending holidays and some major marine conferences, this was the best time to catch everyone. Last weekend all saw me start running again, it's been 2 weeks of very sporadic training, and now i'm pretty worried about the marathon.

Last weekend - sweet friends, presented me with a dive computer as a leaving gift, alongside a dancing hula girl for Beach Belle. I'll be thinking fondly of my friends here in Hawaii while I dive in Maine in January!

Last weekend - the end of the Aloha in the Park - a great moonrise, was beautiful!

This week - it's been all about catching up with work, running, and of course Thanksgiving holiday! I love this photo of Hannah and her Dadda!

Jenny and Doug did the first hosting of Thanksgiving in their new kitchen! I cooked the turkey for the day, came out pretty well I think!

This week - Todd and Doug give the turkey some serious carving...

This week - and of course there was plenty of dessert to go around too....:0)

Yesterday - here it was Furlough Friday (that's an enforced unpaid day off work, and a non-teaching day - woo hoo!) and the first one I actually didn't go into work for. I did a little work at home, but mostly hung out with Jenny and Hannah, which was really fun!

So what now. Well, i'm typing this lying in bed trying to stuff down some food at 5.30am so I can run my last long run of marathon training, 20 miles. I'm just hoping it doesn't rain, it's been wet and windy last few days. I'm still $100 from my goal of raising $1 per training mile for Sophie and the SADS Foundation - so if you haven't donated to charity recently now's a good chance to do so! Today's 20 miler is dedicated to my Dad and Sanchia - thanks for sponsoring me guys!

Other than that it's teaching (=exhausting!), catching up with work and trying to get myself organized to actually leave in less than 4 weeks. Yikes that's creeping up! I'll post more often from now.

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