Monday, July 11, 2011

Emily Jayne!

Welcome to the world little Emily Jayne - can't wait to meet you, I hope it'll be soon!

A quiet and relaxing weekend all around here. Saturday saw Rod and Kathy drive up for the day with a washing machine in tow - I can now do laundry - yeah! I still can't believe they came up for a day, I really do know some simply awesome people, I owe them big time for that one. Sunday saw a nice walk with Barkley followed by a day of sitting by the pool with friends and a few games of Bocce in probably my favorite Maine pub to date. Can't get a much better weekend than that now can you!

This week is a busy one. I've just hired some help around the lab for a day a week, a guy who's done some histology before and is super experienced, but between jobs right now. I'm really hoping that works out, though I know it probably won't be a long term solution, I could really use the hands right now to keep up with the mountains of general lab things that need doing. I'm still waiting to hear about a big grant, and it's totally stressing me out, rejections started coming out last week and i'm at the point of just wanting to know. I need to get my head around new proposals, and I need to keep my nose to the ground for opportunities. Basically, I just need to knuckle down more on the long term, and i've been finding that hard since I got back from sea. Thursday I get to go out diving all day which i'm excited about, and Barkley gets to go to doggy daycare, which i'm sure she is probably excited about too!

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