Thursday, July 28, 2011

Three things Thursday

In an effort to blog more, it's back with three things Thursday! It might be 9.30pm on Thursday.....but it's still Thursday!

1. Went up to Orono yesterday, had to pick up some more boxes of books and teaching material of John Dearborn's, a retired faculty member here who died this winter. He was one of the greats in Antarctic Research, particularly in reproduction and development, so i'm very sad we never overlapped at all here in Maine. He'd been retired for a few years, but still remained active and kept quite literally everything. His daughter has given me much of his Antarctic collection of books, reprints and teaching materials, which will be so invaluable.

2. While up in Orono I bought Barkley a present. You'll see what it is by the end of the weekend, but i'm hoping she'll like it.

3. Whatever will be will be, so there's no point in worrying about it and there's no point in letting 'stuff' bring down the day.

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