Friday, February 17, 2012


Praise. I get awkward when I get it and generally don't take it well, and definitely don't like to share. But I just got some reviews back from a proposal and, after the last 2 months of pretty much generally low self-esteem, I really needed this tonight and it's brought a light to the end of the tunnel. I don't know if the proposal is funded, the reviews were all good (not one negative comment in fact) and recommended it for funding, I just need to respond and then sit and wait. I've had reviews like this before and not got the funding, so the reality is I am not hopeful. I don't intend this to be boasting, I just desperately need to boost my inner soul right now, and having these written down here where I can read them i'm hoping will help.

I'm just enjoying the comments from anonymous colleagues. Maybe I am doing something right after all.

"Dr Waller seems to be perfectly qualified to conduct this project as she has an ideal research background and an impressive publication record in this field."

"The proposal is exactly in line with two of the three Deep-Sea Coral Research priorities. It is grounded and led by an extremely competent PI with the right background and significant prior experience in the field, as attested by her publication and funding records."

"Based on her extensive publication record and conversations with experts in the field, Rhian is very knowledgeable on the reproduction and development of deep-sea corals. Thus, she is the ideal scientist to carry out the proposed objectives, all of which have been clearly justified."

"In conclusion, I sincerely hope that Rhian will receive the funds necessary to complete the proposed project. Rhian is more than qualified to see this project to completion and the entire deep-sea community is anxiously awaiting her results."

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