Sunday, February 26, 2012

The house

Barkley and my new pad! Closing still has not occurred, as I haven't got my green card yet. But we're all moved in and out of the old house as of this weekend. All is going well, though it is a little weird to be in here and haven't yet bought it. 

Probably my favorite part - the view from the deck. It's south facing, so some wonderful sunrises and sunsets. Can't wait until the summer. 

One end of the living room...

The other end of the living room with stairs to upstairs.

The still box-strewn kitchen. Can't wait to get this room sorted, it's taking forever as my motivation has been super low. Look closely and you can see a bottle of Jack Daniels, mouse traps and flea spray. You can take from that how my sunday has been.....

Bedroom on the lower level - the green room. This photo doesn't quite do justice to how bright that green is. This will eventually be the office area, the windows are south facing, over the deck. 

Upstairs master bathroom (my bedroom is a complete tip, so am not posting a photo of that just yet!). Yup, that's a whirlpool tub...:0) Though I like purple, this room is a little too purple even for me. 

The spare room upstairs, also with it's own en-suite. Mostly set up as of this weekend, though I just had to re-caulk the shower today. 

My fantastic walk out basement (comes out under the deck). Need to figure out some shelving so I can store things down here. I have a full attic too, though this summer I need to throw more insulation up there, so i'll probably just keep things stored down here instead. 

And I saved the best until last....the downstairs bathroom. A flourescent shade of pink.....:0) Can't wait to close just so I can change that colour....

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engels said...

Makes you wonder if the previous owners were color blind...or maybe from the Caribbean? Love it though!