Thursday, March 1, 2012

Snowed in!

Snowed in today - 4 inches so far, and it's supposed to snow through to tomorrow morning. Puts a big smile on my face, I really do love the snow, makes everything look serene, pure, new....I don't know, I just love it. So today has been great, catching up with some house things, few work things and a bit of playtime in the snow with Barkley, which she loves. 

Tomorrow she's off to the kennel, which I feel bad about, but I know she likes it there and she's been doing really well, so it'll be okay. Tomorrow I head up to central Maine to take part in an ice-diving course. Yes, ice-diving. As in cut a hole in the ice with a chainsaw and jump through in SCUBA gear. I'm kinda excited about it....:0)

Then for contrast on Tuesday i'm off to Hawaii for 5 days of R&R with the Engel-Holdts. I managed to get a cheap (as in $10) ticket using my miles, and just need to get away. Away from work, away from boxes and unpacking and clear my mind so I can come back and throw myself into proposals and work in the way that I need to right now, but can't muster up the strength. It's been too long since I had a break of any kind. I didn't get one over xmas as I was still writing proposals and preparing lectures. I had a few days with Laura G. in October - I think that actually might be the last time I had a real day off. I'm feeling burnt out and run down, and I have to say as soon as I booked that ticket, life started to look better. I can't wait.

From the deck off the kitchen. This was taken this morning at about 10am. Yay! 

Barkley trying her best Polar Bear impression. 

Whaaaaatttt mamma??

I love that she loves the snow. Mostly to dig in and find gross stuff underneath. But never-the-less, she leaps and plays, and it's a joy to watch. 

This was taken about 5pm - about 4 inches or so. 

Even Mr Gnome is happy to see all the snow! 

The house, from the end of the driveway - which luckily is plowed as part of my road association fee! 

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