Monday, March 12, 2012


Back from Hawaii, and a wonderful time was had. Many of the stresses melted away and I do feel much happier with life than when I left. Not all the stress goes away, and there are still some big decisions to make here soon, but this was just what I needed to get my brain into a better place to make those decisions and move forward with work and life. Thank you to Jenny, Doug, Hannah and Sammy for hosting and entertaining me, I miss you guys so much, this was a wonderful visit, but I was a little sad to say goodbye yesterday. 

The visit involved a lot of play time, which was awesome, both with the kiddos and with Jenny and Doug too. The weather was somewhat wild - hail, tornadoes, lots of rain, wind and cooler temperatures than Maine on a couple of days. Just crazy! But considering the cost breakdown of the whole visit (Plane Ticket - $10; Car Parking - $20; Bus Ticket to Boston - $40) I can't complain too much - but did feel sorry for the tourists who had saved up for that Hawaii vacation! 

One of the first stops - the Kahala Hotel for breakfast. First time ever they'd closed off  the outside seating because of the wild rain and wind. Luckily it didn't change the quality of the brunch food....:0)

I love orchids. I should really start to try and grow them. 

In front of the orchid wall at the Kahala Hotel. 

Saturday morning was clear enough to get to the beach - yeah! There was a funeral going on for  one of the original sailors of the Holkulea canoe. I've seen a few Hawaiian funerals in this spot (party like atmosphere, everyone paddles out to a spot to spread ashes in the water, with flowers and leaves to spread too), but this was huge. 

Beautiful Koa wood canoe carrying the ashes out to the Hokulea (sailing boat out in the background). 

Sammy, enjoying some Mountain Dew! 

Hannah and sammy enjoying the sand. Jenny & Doug sure make cute little people! 

Proof that Jenny, Hannah and I did get wet once! It wasn't too bad once in, but was feeling on the edge of being close to the Polar Plunge.....

Ice-cream break with the kiddos! Thanks so much to you four for having me! 

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DDdd said...

When you come to DC, I'll give you an orchid to take home with ya. Just remind me.