Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ice Diving - Day 2!

It's official - I am an ice-diver! This weekend was really so much fun, it reminded me how much I love learning new things and new diving techniques. Next stop - technical diving using decompression stops! 

Actually, i'm lying, next stop is 5 days in Hawaii hanging out with friends and doing NO WORK! 

Loading up the sleds to head out to the dive site. Today's objective was the 2 final dives of the course - 1 look-see dive and 1 dive to learn lost diver techniques. 

Luckily the hole had not frozen shut over night, just some thin brash ice to go through. 

First divers getting in the water. 

On the first dive the instructor let me take my camera, which I was so thrilled about. Here's Phoebe playing with her air bubbles under the ice sheet.
Air trapped in the ice sheet, but as seen from underneath rather than above. 

That's me! The ice above us is about 2 ft. 

If you added air to your suit just right, you could kneel or even stand upside down under the ice.  This is me playing with my bubbles crawling under the ice. 

Still playing with my bubbles, it was pretty hypnotic. 

The dark shape above me is one of our sleds full of gear on top of the ice. 

Phoebe standing upside down under the ice! 

Our air bubbles, trapped under the ice. 

Self portrait.....:0)

At the end of the day, and course, we pushed the ice blocks back into the hole so it would solidify. Then we marked it with tree branches and tape to stop people walking over it until it is nice and solid again. 

And a nice treat on the drive home - a bald eagle hanging out on a snowy lake. 

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