Tuesday, March 20, 2012

In the garden

This weekend saw temperatures in the high 60's and even 70's for sunday, so I spent much of it in the garden attempting to rake the multiple years worth of leaves from the grass. Spent quite a while on it, yet even in the main areas there is still a layer, and I didn't finish behind the house. At least this way the grass can dry off a little and it will mean I can cut it easier, and the temperatures seem to be staying warm, so I can probably finish that off this week. It felt good to be outside and getting some exercise, i'm still stuck in this rut of the house not being mine yet, so feeling unable to motivate to fully unpack. But being outside doing yard work didn't feel futile, so i'm hoping it's the beginning.  

An awesome find - an eagle/osprey nest right in my back yard (right by the house!). I so hope it's active and can't wait to see who lives there! 

Barkley at the back of the house, and right above her is the nest.

Barkley, sporting her "bear cub" look. Now the dilema - do I shave her this summer or not? I love her long and fuzzy, but think she'll probably get hot. Not to mention the tick issue......hmmmm. 

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engels said...

She looks SO much like a bear with her big coat, cutie girl!