Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Intro to Tek, decompression procedures and advanced nitrox...

Yesterday saw the first pool day of the tek diving courses i'm taking this summer. I'm super excited, in a few weeks we'll be diving to over 150ft in the Gulf of Maine, with the end goal of searching for corals, probably into next year. There is a ton of equipment you have to carry on these dives, so the training is somewhat extensive, primarily just to figure out where to put stuff and to develop the muscle memory for where it is when you're happy with it. It was good to get into the pool with all the gear and try it all out before we hit the open water in a few weeks (with all the hoods and gloves that go with open water here in Maine!). 

One thing I definitely need practice with is floating life bags - you wouldn't know it, but it's quite a skill! Chris shows his lift bag levitating skills. 

One ton of gear - double steel tanks on the back (linked together) and one stage bottle under the arm for the decompression stops. They'll have different nitrox mixes in them to allow us to better off-gas nitrogen at different depths so it's safer. 

Finding my zen while weighed down by gear and discovering a leak in my drysuit......taking that to get fixed asap! 

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