Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunshiney Weekend!

What a superb weekend. Beautiful sunny weather, warm, really wiped out the cobwebs. On Saturday Barkley and I joined a friend Brandon at his "camp" (Mainer for cabin on a lake/river) for some swimming and kayaking, followed by a drive around the Belgrade Lakes area (aka just beautiful) and some ice-cream. Today saw house projects - collecting plants from Maggie's house (from a bed she's disbanding), planting them in my (overgrown) garden, collecting a pressure washer (but not having the energy to do the deed....that'll wait till the week) and washing the swamp water off Barkley. A well needed relaxing break. Can't believe it's monday already, the weekend went way too fast. It certainly looks like we're in summer now - warm weather and sunshine on the docket all week. 

Barkley - actually swimming! Only because we were out on the kayaks though, no-one was left on shore and Brandon's two dogs were busy playing in the water. It was great to see her there though, she had a blast, and the puppy Barkley came out, which is just so darn cute.  

Three swimming pups! 

Barkley eventually looked a little tired, so I made Brandon swing by and pick her up on the kayak...:0) She loves being paddled around, the perfect paddling pup. Just about time for me to get my canoe out of the basement I think. 

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