Sunday, May 27, 2012


View over Damariscotta Lake today on the way home. 

Holiday weekend here, Memorial Day. Unfortunately it's been a weekend in the office, but the nice thing is it's been at a slower pace. I have a proposal due Wednesday that i'm trying to finish up, but admit i'm having trouble knuckling down and getting it done. Overload I think. Good news this week though - I have a house closing date - 22nd June! That however might change, as I am out on the boat to Monhegan diving on the 22nd.....story of my life, always out on a boat...:0) So it might be earlier that week, or it might be the week after, but either way, all things are looking good for me to actually buy this house! My renter moves in tomorrow too - so begins sharing a house again, we'll see how that goes, it's only until August. And it's only for a few days to start - as on Weds i'm off to DC to visit the DDdd's for a whirlwind 5 day visit - so excited to see you guys, it feels like forever!

Hoping all had as sunny a weekend as we had. Today, aside from work, I swung by the garden center and picked up flowers for my flower boxes. All I need now is a lawnmower to get rid of my fields of dandelions and it might actually look like the house isn't derelict here soon....:0) I did originally think i'd wait until closing to get a lawnmower, but the state of the garden is starting to drive me nuts, so I guess when I get back i'll bite the bullet. The good news is that I have enough power outlets to get an electric one, which is exciting (ecologically, girlpower and wallet wise!). Given my inability to start the gas power washer i've borrowed, I am excited at the thought of plug and play......:0)

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