Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Life has been hectic, and great, all at the same time. So many exciting things coming up. Here's the breakdown -

- Last friday we went out to Monhegan and did the first major dives of the technical course. It went great, hard, but great. I definitely learnt a lot, and gained quite a few more bruises from all the extra equipment you have to wear.

- Miss Barkley has had her summer "do"! Such a cutie pie. They did leave a pom pom on the tail again though. Folks are trying to convince me to keep it. I think it may go away this weekend.

- Friday, at 5.30pm I head to Halowell to sign my life away for the next 30 years and FINALLY buy the house! I'm excited, and relieved, i'm just ready to stop the flow of paperwork! And it means the neon pink bathroom can go bye bye!

- I'm gearing up for several trips - in 1.5 weeks i head to the Arctic with Phoebe, to check out the Churchill Northern Studies Center in preparation for bringing students up there next year. We're only there for 5 days, and it'll be busy, but....we're going to see Belugas! Maybe even Baby Belugas. In the Deep Blue Sea....:0)

- Then it's off to Chile in mid August. That trip will be hectic but fun too. And what's really cool is i've been asked to guest blog on the National Geographic News website, so our expedition will appear there. It'll just be a couple of posts over the whole 2 weeks we're away, but still, pretty cool!

And that's about the scoop for now. I'm excited to get friday out of the way, and sleep for the first time in my own home. Feeling like i'm moving forward. Now just to get a job past the end of next year....:)

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