Sunday, June 17, 2012


Another weekend, and another good one. Kicked off on Friday was some good friends coming over for a BBQ to celebrate one year of Barkley being a Maine dog! She's such a huge part of my life now, that it's hard to remember it was just one year ago that I drove to Boston to pick her up from the airport, after a long journey from Hawaii. So we declared friday Barkley Day! 

Saturday saw putting up a washing line (yeah! I don't have a drier, so it's excited to get clothes outside to dry rather than squeezed on a rack inside), building veggie boxes and enjoying the sunshine by having lunch and dinner on my deck. Today it's been filling the veggie boxes with soil and planting (tomatoes, cucumbers, beets, peas, basil, two types of lettuce, chard and kale), a nice 2 mile hike to coveside with Barkley, washing washing and more washing (i'm just about caught up....just) and general house stuff. Even managed to fit a short nap in there too....:0)

What a great weekend - the weather has even been glorious (70F days, 50F nights), and the forecast is definitely "summer" for the rest of the week. Hope you all had a great weekend too! 

Barkley on the Coveside trail. 

My new veggie boxes and washing line in the background. 

Most of my garden only gets sunlight for a few hours a day (there's so many tall tall trees). So ever the scientist I remembered I had some underwater light meters in my office, and decided to put them in the boxes and around the graden to see when, and how much, light each location gets. Really I should have done this before I put the boxes down, but oh well! I planted mostly shade veggies anyway, but I do have a row of tomatoes and cucumbers that I would so love to grow! 

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DDdd said...

Hum... What a great idea with the garden boxes. :-) they look great...and I love the geeky meters thrown in. Science pervades life!! XOXOs