Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bathroom Transformation!

Most of the house is painted in nice neutrals. The downstairs (main) bathroom however was a florescent (yes, florescent) pink. It had to go. Unfortunately not enough money to change out the cabinet, floor or the shower fixtures (those will just stay on the list for later), we got some paint, a new light fixture (bye bye hollywood lights!) and some new towel rails and have made quite a stunning transformation. Who knew taking a shower in the morning could be so peaceful! 

The pink. It's really not fuschia, it's florescent.....

Testing out the colour. I loved the swatch but was still nervous it was going to be too dark. With so much white in the room though (toilet, bath, white woodwork, closet etc.) we went for it. 

Even with one coat (and it too two and a bit in places!), the transformation is fantastic! 

The complete picture.....we LOVE the colour! 

We're thinking we need some artwork up on the wall - it's a large space, we don't need shelving as we have a large closet - maybe some metal artwork up there. Will keep on looking! I can't wait until we do the floor and the cabinet, but that will likely be a few years down the line, the pink just had to go sooner......

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