Sunday, December 30, 2012

Snow storms!

We have had some wicked snow storms pass through in the last few days. At the moment we probably have a good 6-8 inches on the ground - so much, we created a toboggan run this morning to sled down! Some of us were better than others.

It was a fun day, and a good day to have before heading out on fieldwork. At 3am on New Years day (ergh) I'll be headed to Alaska, ready for our last field season in Tracy Arm fjord. It'll be a little sad to have this be the last trip out there, but i'm excited to go and see the fjord and the corals once again. I'll be sad to leave Miss Barkley here though, she's been having a tough time this Christmas, slowing down through old age and struggling a little with new medication for her seizures. But she'll be in good hands, she goes to our friends Amy and Peter (who she loves) for the weekdays, then Brandon will have her for weekends. She's such a loved dog by all, even the vet the other day said she'd take her home. Such personality wrapped up in a 70lb package....:)

Hope all had a good Christmas, and have a Happy New Year!

Miss Barkley, tucked up for some cuddle couch time after a hard day at the vets. 

Snow storm #1 - we got about 4-6 inches in this storm alone. 

The Christmas tree and the start of the storm. 

Brody wanting so desperately to go outside! 

Looking down Robinson Lane, taking Barkley for a walk to the main road to get our mail. We're the 4th house up this lane - though you can't see it back there for the snow falling.  

The house in the snow - so pretty! 

Brandon and Barkley enjoying the fireplace! 

Snow storm #2 hit last night - we got another 6 inches or so on top of what we'd had! 

Creating paths for Barkley, as the snow is up past her belly. Brody decided to 'help' with the path digging and got lost in the snow pile! 

Miss Barkley, appreciating her paths! 

Deciding we should have a second path, and create a toboggan run! 

The run is open! 

I had a hard time with steering.....

You can guess how this ended......

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