Monday, December 24, 2012

British Christmas!

It's getting so close to Christmas, and we're waiting to see if it's a white one (the weather is saying 'snow showers' right now!). Our plans for the day include a walk with the dogs, a relaxing breakfast and dinner, hopefully catching up with family and friends with Skype and movies! We're having our first Christmas together in my new house. Ahhhhhhh......:)

Every year I like to invite a few folks over for a British Christmas dinner. It's always so much fun. This year Amy, Peter and Stuart came over and shared in the food, fun and pictionary! 

Have a great Christmas everyone! 

Brody practices for pulling a sleigh! 

Part of the Christmas includes bringing a handmade ornament for the tree!  Here Amy shows hers off. 

Stuart showing his lightbulb penguin ornament! 

Carving the turkey! 

Having some food with friends! 

Lighting the pudding! 

Amy shows off her reindeer flair! 

One of my favorite handmade ornaments ever - Stuart's lightbulb penguin!  
Brandon's in front (a computer harddrive) and Peter's at the back (the day after the end of the world!). 

Amy's sugarplum romance tree! 

My googly eyed sanddollars! 

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