Monday, June 10, 2013

Birthday weekend in the Whites

 This weekend, despite a somewhat wet forecast, we headed to the White Mountains in New Hampshire to camp. We're glad we went, though the first night was wet, the sun came out on saturday and sunday, perfect for some Barkley sized hikes and a drive up Mt Washington (Brandon had never been). We left Brody at home (he's too much of a nut in a tent!), and gave Miss B. some one on one camp time - she's such a hoot in the tent, settles right away, cuddles up in her blanket - pretty darn cute.

Barkley surveying the scene. I think she approves. 

We bought a new tent last year in a sale - one that would be a little bigger for car camping than my compact 2 man. It's pretty neat - from LL Bean (of course!) - it has enough room for two larger thermarests and plenty of space for Barkley and bags; and it has a mesh vestibule on the front, which also has sides (for rain), though no floor. There's enough room in the vestibule for two chairs, and all the cooking equipment - it was perfect for the first night in the rain - we just sat in there, cooked, drank and watched the water...

View from the tent - Crocker Pond - one of my favorite campsites in the Whites - just 7 sites, all wooded, and most with a view of the pond. 

Barkley Bear all wrapped up in her blanket for the night. She quickly shed it though, as it was quite warm, even though it was wet outside. 

The next day started a little overcast and drizzly and quickly moved on to sunshine - so we started with a short 1 mile hike around Glen Ellis falls. Paved and footpaths, and the perfect size for Barkley.
Glen Ellis Falls

Hiking pup.

Nice footpaths made this hike an easy one. 

Self Portrait. 

It started to get toast out!

So we headed up Mt Washington - which despite it being in the 70's at the bottom, was cloudy, rainy and in the 50's on top! 

But - there was no queue for a picture by the sign! I've hiked up this mountain three times, and never got a photo with the sign, because the line is always too long! 

Barkley looking out.

The next day we took in some more short hikes around the Kangamangus Highway, including a stop at our now favorite Sabbaday Falls. 

A toasty Barkley stood in pretty much every pool on the way to cool down. 

Sabbaday Falls. 

Self Portrait! 

More falls. There are some beautiful waterfalls in New Hampshire! 

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