Monday, June 24, 2013

The island project!

It's been a busy few weeks since we got back from the Whites. A visit from Brandon's parents, and a visit to his aunt and uncle this weekend at Reid State. Alongside putting in a garden (twice, thanks to Brody digging up the first one), clearing out more areas and replanting, and just keeping on top of things in the house.

One long-standing project that was finally finished today was the kitchen island - an odd island, but fixed so we couldn't move without redoing the floor. The laminate was also peeling in places and an end strip had come off the counter edge - though the entire kitchen is far from high end, the island was making it look worse. So we decided to give it a coat of paint and change the counter-top to a butcher block wood top, and extended it out so we could actually fit stools under it. The long term goal is to paint all the kitchen cabinets an off-white color, but for now, at least the island is done!

The island, as we started back in March. 

Emptying the cabinets. 

Painting in the kitchen - as a) it was too cold for the paint to cure quickly in the basement and b) too many cats in the basement to have it come out without cat hair.


First coat of super sticky primer, and already it looks better. 

Three coats of a green and it's looking great, though it didn't really go with the green counter-top! 

A gift card to Ikea = a butcher-block countertop! We cut it with our friend Peter's help, so we actually have some more pieces to install elsewhere too! 

The dogs, helping. 

And the final product. Large enough for two of us to sit behind to eat breakfast! 

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