Sunday, June 2, 2013

Make way for chickens....

Super busy for the last few weeks. Finished up teaching a Histology course at the Darling center (just need to grade!), which went really well. The last two weekends have been prepping the yard to take some trees down, the weather has been pretty spectacular the last few weeks - warm temps and some good rain for a few days, which the ground desperately needed after a very dry spring. The last two days have been SUPER humid, which was not good planning for a day to take trees down, but hey, what can you do....

Our awesome friend Peter came over to take two large trees (one oak and one pine) down that were pretty close to the house, but more importantly where we want to eventually put a shed and a chicken coop and run. Because Brody chases (and eats) chickens, we have to fence in a good size of yard (and put his electric fence around the pen). So the plan is to fence out into the forest, but give them some place to get some sunshine too. This is likely a project that will come to fruition next year, so this year is just prepping the area and getting a good size chunk cleared of underbrush and leaves. Today was in the high 90F's, and 80% humidity, so it was a good sweaty workout!

The area before, just off "Pie Alley", where the strawberries and rhubarb reside. 

Taking down the underbrush before Peter arrived. We chopped a bunch into firewood to dry and burn in a firepit we're busy creating in another section of yard, using stones reclaimed from in the woods. 

After roping up into the woods, Peter takes down the first tree, with Brandon on the come-along. 



And down! 

Brandon and Peter attaching ropes to the second tree, a tall pine tree. 

I got to operate the come-along for tree #2 - the tree fell straight down the wire, perfect! 

The dogs were relegated to inside, but they weren't complaining staying in the cool....

The area after - hard to see in the afternoon light, but much clearer. 

Just two large trees to break into firewood for later. Maybe we'll get a wood fireplace one day...:)

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