Friday, December 6, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree!

The Christmas spirit has finally struck, even though Brandon and I both have colds that just won't quit. We decided to cheer up this friday (i'd come home early as i'd had to stay in Orono overnight) by choosing our Christmas tree from a local farm. It was slightly larger than we thought when we got it home.....

Our couch has become the Old Lady couch. Note Barkley's socks - baby socks with sticky grippy stuff on the bottom - AWESOME for stopping her sliding around on our wood floor. The old girls won't snuggle, but they'll share the same couch. 

The christmas tree - Barkley for scale. 

It took so long to get the Christmas Tree in place Barkley needed a starfish snack midway through. 

The new Starfish toys i brought back from Orono didn't last too long.....

The fully expanded Christmas tree! 

And decorated.....complete with presents.....:)

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