Sunday, December 15, 2013

Painting cabinets

The last two weekends we've been trying to complete a long standing project - painting the kitchen cabinets. It started with the island, which turned out great, and made us decide to give the whole kitchen a cheap facelift with a can of cream paint. Last weekend we finished the bottom cabinets, this weekend (during the snowstorm!) we started the upper cabinets. Hopefully by next weekend we'll be done! 

This is all spurred on by the fact that we need to paint the kitchen walls, as they lead to the corridor, which at the moment is still just drywall from the builders this summer. But we were having a hard time deciding on colour. So hopefully having the cabinets the colour we want will help us choose a wall colour! 

The endless taping! 

Last weekend we finished the bottom cabinets, and put in hardware this week - it looks AWESOME! 

And this weekend we finished the upper cabinets....just finishing the doors downstairs in the basement. They take FOREVER, as you have to do one side, let it dry, turn over, let it dry, get the idea. To get this cream colour we've had to do 4 coats to cover the old fake oak!  
After a tough day of home improvement and snow shoveling, Brody takes a nap with his favorite toy, his (unlike most toys here which are "dog", this is definitely "Brodys"!) Chicken. 

Apparently it makes a good pillow too. He's been sacked out like this for hours. 

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