Saturday, December 21, 2013

The goings on

Firstly, we finished the kitchen cabinets! Complete with hardware even. They look awesome, and really brighten up the space! The next step, choosing a wall colour. It's proving pretty hard to chose, having the cabinets done really helps, but this colour will go all the way into the hall, so it has to be a colour that does both bright and dark spaces. You can almost see all the colour swatches we have up on the wall. This may be one of those rare occasions for me where we might actually have to get a bunch of small paint samples and paint a few patches here and there. 

Miss Barkley says Merry Christmas! Poor girl had to have a lump removed from her chest this week, so has 12 staples that don't come out until just after new year. After a scare where they were almost certain it was cancer, when they pulled it out they're now not so sure. Given her age we decided not to biopsy to know for sure, it wouldn't change our plan for her - which is just to give her an awesome and comfortable retirement - so we decided not to spend the extra. Our vet is extremely awesome though and agreed with our decision, so on her own poked and prodded the tumor a lot more than she would normally and is now thinking it might just be a hard lipoma. Either way, it's now out and Barkley Bear is enjoying all the extra attention....and cookies....! 

And there has been snow! This is my major road to get to work! So pretty! 

Lots of snow! We've actually had nearly 2ft already, which is a lot for December! 

We woke up one morning to snow at the bedroom windows! 

I love this time of year - bright blue skies and shiny white snow. Just makes everything look clean and fresh. So pretty. 

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