Saturday, April 19, 2014


We spent the first night of the year at Brandon's parents "camp" last night, it was bliss. A Maine "camp" is a cabin in the woods with no services (electricity, water etc.) and in the case of this one, on a river. It's only one room, but very cosy with a propane camp stove and two propane lights, and large fireplace. We only live about 45 minutes away from it (closer than his parents!), so we used it a lot last year as a cheap getaway and a place to go swimming and kayaking. They have 50 acres out there, so no neighbors in sight. 

It was cooler last night than it had been all week (40's), but with the fireplace going we had it up to 80F inside the cabin. Barkley with her new haircut we wrapped up in a blanket all night, she was quite content. 

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