Sunday, April 6, 2014

Peep Peep!

Yup, we finally bit the bullet. We're both going to be around Maine for a good few months, so we decided now was the time to pick up some chicks! We'd actually put in an order online for some, then walked into a local hardware store and they had the bantams we were after. So we cancelled the order and picked up 10 chicks. 

Brandon scored a small henhouse from Craigslist that we'll put out and build a large fence around. We moved Brody's underground fence around the area we want to fence off (unfortunately he has had the taste of live chicken, and it was apparently good - so these will never be full free ranging hens). The ground is still well frozen though, so no putting in the fence for a few weeks! 

The henhouse will hold 4 or 5 bantams, so we're just hoping out of the ten there are that many females. The others we'll give away to a colleague at work. They're being brooded upstairs away from all the animals, and all seem to be feeding and drinking well. We don't really know, as they are a mix of bantam types, but as some look much larger i'd say they range from 1-5 days old. So far 9 are looking good and one is looking a little ropey, so we'll see how we go. If only we could have got pre-sexed ones, but oh well, this'll be fun regardless.......:)

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