Sunday, April 13, 2014

Paradox Weekend

Saturday we spent in the garden, clearing the many downed limbs this winter (there are still many left that need a chainsaw) and stringing up the raspberry vines into a newly constructed T-trellises. This is a patch that we cleared last year, so this will be our first year trying to tame the patches that had been long neglected. It was 70F out, so we were in T-shirts and sunhats, yet we kept our needed water cool by sitting it in the snowbank still at the end of our driveway....:) I opened all the house windows and everything got a good airing through - the first of the year! I will say I am a little sad to see the snow go, mostly because I know this next month of spring will be what locals lovingly call "mud season" and everything just looks brown and dead. Not my favorite time of year, but today was nice as the ground is still a little frozen and firm. We finished the day with thai food and even the dogs were happy to come inside after baking themselves in the sun all day (and chasing the poor fedex guy). 

Sunday we finished up painting the spare bedroom (photos to follow soon once we've tidied). We have a spare bedroom on the first floor, and had enough paint leftover from the living room as well as sockets and switches to replace the lovely faux wood ones. So we set to it, it's a small room, so easy really. This will be a spare room - maybe a winter bedroom for us (or the "winter residence" as we've started calling it), as upstairs gets pretty cold in winter - and will be where we'll move to once Barkley can't get up the stairs anymore (it looks like that won't be too far away, but she's doing well for a nearly 14 year old!). It's a cute space, looking forward to moving the furniture back in and tidying it up - it's been basically a dumping ground and camping storage area for a while. Other than that we've been running errands, making yogurt (for the first time in ages!), quiche and cupcakes for a friends birthday this week. A nice, relaxing weekend was had! 

Miss Barkley Bear with her new toys this weekend. She got a clean bill of health from the vet this weekend. 

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