Sunday, May 11, 2008

Elephant Island

Sorry, it's been a while since i've blogged, in fact I can't remember the last time I did, going to be very disjointed when I finally get to see all these blogs when I get back to land. So what have we been up to. So for the last two weeks we've been geology sampling for the other group onboard. It's been okay, though terribly boring. A lot of surveying, some characters have come out that are not so pleasant to be around, and an awful lot of 'old boys school' attitudes to two young women PIs. It does amaze me, though I have to say I think I either tune it out or don't see it as often as some of my women colleagues, that when I do get it, it really does bug me. The other PI group (the geologists) are all older men (over 55 lets say, though the oldest is near 70), and have some pretty old attitudes, especially when it comes to women running the show. I just feel so leaned over and so demeaned sometimes, both of us in fact do, and since most of our science party are women, many of them have got it at somepoint too. Now this is not to say they are all bad all the time, it just comes out now and then. Laura and I have also been amazed at just how little they know of what they are doing too, yet offering advice hasn't been much of an option. Oh well. We're on our site now and getting itchy to get sampling. 1.5hrs until the trawl goes in. This shows why I haven't been blogging this trip - it's taken me around 10hrs to write this! 

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