Saturday, May 31, 2008

At home

First things I did - 

- Had a shower (my god I needed that)
- Downloaded my email to my laptop (682 emails while I was away.....ouch!)
- Set up my new toy - my friend Liz bought me a grill for staying in Grodnick while I was away! 
- Burnt my Annies Mac and Cheese ( cooking for 45 days will do that to you)
- Lay on the couch and played couch potato for an hour until I fell asleep there
- Burnt my wholewheat pancakes (ish again - I not only burnt the butter to grease the pan, but
 also managed to burn the pancakes.....)
- Had a cup of tea! 
- Opened my mail (wish I hadn't opened them so soon....)
- Put my picture from Lala on my fridge! I love the half dome stamp! 
- Paid a few bills online
- Made yogurt! 

Things I need to do today - 

- Unpack
- Take box of work things to work, look at work mail - did this, well the box anyway, and I did 'look' at the pile of mail on my desk...:0)
- get a dentist appointment (a filling cracked while I was away and i've had mad toothache for 2 weeks) - this requires finding a dentist as I haven't got one here yet - appt monday afternoon, found a dentist in Manoa of all places, so easy to get to, lets just hope he's a good one, I really hate going to the dentist! 
- Take Beach Belle for a drive and give her a clean to get the bird poo off - took her to work, pulled in at a kids carwash and they did a great job! 
- Go food shopping - Bargain of the day - 2 packs of tofu for $3 (yes, thats a bargain here okay)
- Do a laundry load
- Download photos and put some up here
- Start to reply to

And i've had a couple of people ask, but here is my heel now (here is the before). It's doing well, I managed to wear crocs for most of the cruise and only had slip on steel toe boots when I went outside (with lots of socks!). I can still feel it when I wear backed shoes, but it's doing well and healing pretty nicely. 

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