Friday, May 30, 2008

On the way home

Isn't it sad that the first thing I do when I hit Dallas airport is
pull out the iPhone and check my email? Then again I guess that's why
I bought it....

So I'm just awaiting the flight to honolulu, hopefully no layovers in
Oakland this time (though that was fun last time!). The end of the
cruise was manic so sorry for no posts, but I just had a wonderful 3
days in the mountains(torres del Paine) and a great evening with stian
before I headed out (hes back down there working for the next cruise,
won't see him till July, boo). I'll post some pix from the cruise and
the hiking when I get home.

Been sad to say goodbye to the 'hole-ians' and wishing I was headed to
MA not HI. Sob.

1 comment:

nea said...

bummer for us. it would have been nice to see you again! and you have to head our way to enjoy the deck S helped build.