Sunday, April 25, 2010

The months ahead...

I'm so excited. A very enterprising young lady (7yr old daughter of a colleague at work) has decided to raise her own chickens and sell eggs, I am one of her first customers, and thoroughly enjoyed my two poached eggs on toast for dinner, then wholewheat crepes for dessert - yum! I love love love fresh, organic, home grown eggs, there really is nothing that tastes better! I'm probably about as excited as she is with the whole venture!

So this next month is going to be a hectic one, i'll try and update at least with a little something, but to be honest i'm going to be all over the place, so apologies if it's a little short or infrequent. Here is my schedule for the coming few months....

7th - 15th May - Maine - Interview
15th - 20th May - Ottawa, Canada - work visa interview
21st - 28th May - Woods Hole

4th - 14th June - Iceland - Deep Sea Biology Symposium

1st - 15th July - Science diver course (here in Hawaii, but 8am - 8pm everyday for 2 weeks!

~18th - 23rd July - Washington DC (Diane, Olivia - if you read this before I get a chance to email you, I am meaning to email you soon!) - meeting at NOAA

18th Aug - 3rd September - Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska - Project in the park, and a few days of kayaking!
3rd - 12th September - Juneau, Alaska - project in the fjords

So much for a quiet year for travel huh.......


BSA said...

What a full, yet exciting, schedule! It looks perfect for summer, except for the Washington, D.C. part. I do love Washington, but not in the summer heat! And the eggs...I can't wait until Isabella and finn have some to share with us!

Nicola (Which Name?) said...

I can't wait for our eggs and I am still envious of all the travel. Hearing of everyone's adventures frankly makes me sick to my stomach at this point.

DDd said...

Busy, busy... as always. June doesn't look too bad.... and that's assuming that you can actually get to Iceland by then!

So excited that you're coming to DC. Yes, DC summers can be hot and sticky... but not too much worse that in HI (but without the sea breeze). We have A/C (that works) here though! You'll get to meet Dahlia finally and also baby boy D! I think all of the visiting family will be gone by then, but the time table is still a bit up in the air. Yeah! You're coming to DC. :-)

Cherry B said...

Hey I'm just reading this-- keep me posted, I don't have any plans yet so will pencil you in! You're also welcome to crash if you need (spare bed and on two metro lines).