Saturday, April 10, 2010


Super nice saturday today. Went down to the beach with Jenny, Hannah and Mary (Jenny's sister who's in town) and then as we walked back from our regular Starbucks stop (during which Hannah usually naps, but did not today) we noticed they were having a festival in the park, so we wandered by. Not quite what you expect in Hawaii, but fun! Then back to Jenny and Doug's house for some lunch and tile prep! Today we prepped and sealed all the tile for their kitchen - woo hoo! "Homework" is so much fun! I just got back to my place at 9pm, exhausted, but have had a really fun day, it's so nice to not think about or do work for a whole day!

A "Scottish" festival in the park, complete with highland dancing, tossing the caber, parades and even a "tea tent"!

Watching the dancing!

An interesting Scottish-Hawaiian mixer meal....

This is not to do with the festival, but just stood out as it was such a gorgeous morning (though I burned on my swim!) and I realised I haven't ever taken a photo of it. This is a war memorial and swimming pool that juts out into the ocean right by the beach that I go swimming at. This pool has been shut for a long long time, and they're talking about tearing it down. It would be such a shame, it's a real landmark, and I just wish they'd put the money in to reopen it.


PleaseRecycle said...

That top photo looks just like a painting- gorgeous!

Nicola (Which Name?) said...

That loos awfully Scottish or German or something not at all Hawaiian!

LSULiv said...

Wow, Gosh I miss it there!