Monday, September 20, 2010

Calm, collected and.....oh crap...

Can I have a re-do on monday? Preferably one that involves going back to Alaska? This morning I woke and discovered the sweet smell of gone off milk and yogurt, my fridge had died in the night (turns out the thermostat had died rather than the fridge, which is a good thing), alongside a day full of meetings and students and lab work, from 6am I knew Monday was going to be a Moanday. My landlady was none-too pleased and though got it fixed today which was awesome, was somewhat rude and hard to pin down to what exactly went on (isn't fixing things like that part of what I pay (a small fortune) in rent for?), yeah it probably didn't make her monday either, but still, it's not like I broke it, on purpose, on a monday morning just to piss her off. I'm pretty sensitive to people's feelings, and when someone is wound up and pissy, it makes me stressed, so that has pretty much been my day, that stressed out feeling.

So, in an effort to try and ward of the Moandays, here are my 5 things that made me happy last week (this one is not easy, since the wind down from Alaska has been tough) -

  1. Making the video from the Tracy Arm cruise. Probably pathetic, but I find myself watching it and smiling.
  2. To catch up with Jenny, Doug and Hannah, little H is as cute as ever, and though my name is now "Mary" (she has an aunty mary), she is still adorable!
  3. Alaska samples - processed a few and found some really funky things, this particular project is probably my favorite of the last few years.
  4. Having a colleague stick her head into my office and say "don't go" on a regular basis. Though it makes me sad at leaving, it also makes me feel warm and fuzzy that i'm appreciated.
  5. Looking over all the photos from Alaska. Like the above, there were some very memorable moments. Thanks again to Stian for lending me his camera for the Juneau trip.

Be sure to check out the short public radio link below, I usually hate radio interviews, but I think this woman did a good job with all 4 of us.