Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This week

The view I will probably miss the most, the sunset over the city. This is on my regular running route, and on my walk home from work. It's at the top of a KILLER hill, so I always stop to catch my breath and admire the view.

Well, the week certainly started with a bang. Toothache - argh! Went to the dentist today, potential root canal (sigh), but first he tried aligning my bite a little better and seeing if that fixes the problem, oh I hope so, but my luck with teeth, i'm doubting it! This weekend was good, didn't make it to the beach, but I did get to do some pending errands, bought a bunch of packing boxes, ran 12 miles, caught up with Jenny, Doug and Hannah, and did some much needed laundry! I even packed my first box (camping gear from Alaska that had yet to be tidied - might as well just pack it)!

Jenny and Hannah "driving" at the mall this weekend. Often on the weekend i'll meet Jenny and Hannah at a smaller mall just around the corner from their house - it's air conditioned, so a relief in the middle of the day, and Hannah runs around the walkways, expending some of her (never ending!) energy. Jenny and I, well we get a coffee and follow Hannah around, catching up on the week just gone. It's a nice ritual, who knew I would enjoy some mall time! This weekend, for the first time, Hannah discovered the arcade, she spotted the horses and car and stood mesmerized for ten minutes before venturing in. No money was spent, but it was fun to see her play on the "neigh neigh" and the "broom broom".

So my schedule is starting to fall into place. I have a container arriving that will take all my lab and personal belongings to Maine in the first week of November (it takes that long to get there!), at which time i'll move in with Jenny, Doug and Hannah for the last 6 weeks on Oahu (since I spent the first 4 weeks with those guys, we figured why not spend the last few weeks too!), then on the 22nd December I head to Woods Hole, and from there Maine (not sure on the exact date there yet). It's getting there, I think i'll feel better when it's moving in that direction. I called the car people and they're sending me new paperwork, maybe my car will get to go soon....


Nicola (Which Name?) said...

Wow, it is creeping up quickly. Wouldn't you know my parents are on the east coast now and Mike and I are planning a Hawaii trip next spring!?

OnlineExpeditions said...

Funny - where are you going to go in Hawaii? If you need suggestions let me know, I have a few!