Friday, September 24, 2010


Sailing into Tracy Arm Fjord. Probably one of the most beautiful places in the world....insert longing sigh here...
Friday never seems to come around soon enough. Boy it's been one of "those" weeks. Culminated today by arriving home, dripping wet (walked in today and it rained on the way home) and receiving my long awaited permission letter from my car loan people to ship my car to Maine (it has to be notorized and all that fun stuff). Yay! Only on careful reading the letter gave me explicit permission to transfer my car to Minnesota. The hours of the company are crappy (well, they are crappy if you're on Hawaii time) so it was hard to get hold of them in the first place, let alone again. Another large sigh. I really want to send my car soon before I have to deal with "winterizing" it (the car companies won't take it without it being winterized past November), so it's just one more thing that needs dealing with, again. If I knew someone in Minnesota I would consider sending it to them right now.......

So went over for a nice G&T with Jenny after work, they've had a crazy week too, today one of the pups decided to jump out of a window after the mailman during the day, breaking the window. It's the second time crazy pup has done that. So in reality a mess up between Maine and Minnesota is a mild thing...:0)

Tomorrow we've all agreed a few hours on the beach in the AM is in order, so I think that's an awesome way to start a weekend, especially one where I know I have to head into work a few times.

Happy weekend everyone!

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PleaseRecycle said...

Happy Weekend! Red tape is NO FUN!!

Tracy Arm looks absolutely gorgeous!! You are so lucky to get to spend some time there.