Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Off to Maine!

Doing the big drive today, and luckily it's decided not to snow today - yay! I think i'm ready, collected some boxes from WHOI, did some shopping yesterday for some essentials and have a packed lunch, all should be well. I'm back down here in a few weeks to load for the Antarctic cruise, and potentially to pick my dog, so it won't be long before I see everyone again (and catch those I missed).

Yes, I did say dog. It didn't take long, in fact I adopted one before I even left Hawaii. One of Jenny and Doug's pups (Barkley) is coming to Maine! With a second kiddo on the way, a house needing repair and a yard in a state, 2 dogs is getting too much, so rather than be pound bound, Barkley is coming over to check out the snow. She's a sweet 10yr old just looking for the quiet life, so Maine will hopefully suit her well, and i'm really looking forward to the company. Probably one of my best Christmas presents yet! So I have a few weeks to get settled, potentially find somewhere to live (though i'm thinking that might be a stretch) and then Doug is delivering Barkley whilst on his way to a conference. The details aren't yet squared away, but I can't wait!

Okay, need to get up and get going, Maine is calling!


DDdd said...

I'm so happy you're getting a dog! Its about time. Yeah.
Have a safe drive through all that snow. I hope you still remember how to drive in it.
Best wishes for your arrival in MAINE!!

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Forget Maine! Antarctica (did I even spell that right?) Can't wait to hear all about that adventure.