Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone has a great evening tonight and a very happy New Year! I'm off to a party at the Directors house, a wonderful way to start a new position. As for what 2011 holds....i'm not sure....but at the moment i'm in pure bliss as the realization sets in that I actually get to live here.....

The grounds of the Darling Marine Center

The grounds of the Darling Marine Center

The POD, partially unpacked, but a ways to go! 

My new office, complete with ocean view! My lab is not ready yet, so everything will be stacked in here for a couple of weeks until it is. 

The pier at the center. 

Looking back on the buildings - i'm in the upper level of the one on the right

The grounds of the Darling Marine Center

I screeched my car to a halt when I saw this - an Ice Fishing hut!!! People in Canada told me they do this, you tow a little hut out on the ice, cut a hole and fish (and drink beer) all day on it! This is in town, Damariscotta! 

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bsa said...

Fabulous photos! It looks so different in the snow!