Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pre Christmas Christmas Dinner!

I'm sat in Chicago and still have another hour before boarding so thought i'd update. On the weekend I had a lovely pre-christmas christmas dinner with the family i've been living with this past 7 weeks, and my British friend Laura. We treated the Americans to some British traditions - mince pies, a good roast complete with Yorkshire puddings, Christmas Crackers and even some Christmas pudding to finish. It was glorious!
The meal - roast chicken for us, roast Tofurkey for Laura!

Dinner complete with Christmas crackers!

The lighting of the pudding - Hannah was captivated!

For all of those interested too, I feel completely recovered from the marathon, my legs and feet are great this year! My only niggle is my shoulder from packing the container over a month ago, I really must have pulled something! Thanks again to all who sponsored me, I made it over my target amount which was awesome!

Leaving Hawaii was a little sad this morning, i'll miss my friends here, particularly the family i've been staying with. Little Hannah is so adorable, as I don't get to see my own niece too often (who is the same age and lives in the UK) i've adopted Hannah as my substitute niece. She has adopted me as her Mimi, and was quite happily pointing out all my possessions as I packed them this morning, as well as unloading a few in the process (i'm a little scared as to what she might have added to my bags too......I found a jar from the fridge in my duffel just before closing it...). I go back in April so it's not too long before I visit, but kids change so fast. I showed them all skype before I left, so i'm hoping we can get that set up.

Well, I'm off to add another layer, and hopefully get on a plane in an hour. Just a few hours away from Cape Cod, they got ten inches of snow yesterday, so i'm hoping it's held off so the roads are clear!


DDdd said...

Finally loaded skype on my new computer (new a year ago!) Skype name - dianekadams... in case you want to catch up with Dahlia and Davin. Dahlia occasionally still asks about Auntie Rhian. :-)

Safe travels! Hopefully you're on the east coast already and with the company of good friends. XOXOs -di

Nicola (Which Name?) said...

Rhian, hugs and safe travels. Your box made it today and I am horribly embarrassed to say you will have to wait for toffee at your new MN destination.
Merry merry Christmas. Bella has been asking when we'll see "her" Rhian again.

Nicola (Which Name?) said...

Oh and J&D's house looks FANTASTIC!

BSA said...

Merry, meery Christmas, Rhian. I hope your day was as lovely as ours and that your trip to Maine went smoothly during this chaotic time. The kids LOVED your gift bags. They were absolutely amazing. I definitely learned a thing or two.