Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Three Things Thursday!

1. In many ways I cannot wait to get to the University of Maine. I don't have the space on the blog nor the energy tonight to explain just how crap the University of Hawaii is, but needless to say, I don't think anyone should come here unknowing. I've enjoyed Hawaii, I have not enjoyed the University of Hawaii. In short I found out today I am being diddled out of having my vacation payout when I leave (we accrue vacation, if unused when you leave, you get cash), which is to the tune of a few thousand dollars. I'm not going to go into it, but I am livid, and it's a complete f-up on their end, but it looks unresolvable. Fun.

2. An early xmas present of a large grant not being funded. Once again being told i'm too ambitious in my proposal. Despite talking through scaled down options and being told they wouldn't be ambitious enough. Can't win. Because of this I only have a job until next August, any proposal I write now will only be heard about in August. It's not going to be a fun year.

3. I thought 32 was supposed to be my year? As far as I can tell it sucks. It's looking like I made a really bad decision to move to Maine, as at least here in the (crap) UH system I would still have teaching to pay some of my salary each year, in Maine I have nothing, am completely on my own, and now only have salary through August. Moving always costs a fortune (even if the company pays, there are always personal costs on both sides), so I am broke beyond belief, with the reality of not coming even close to getting out of that next year, let alone buy a house and do the other things I want to to move on with my life and feel like I am moving forward rather than stationary.

It's been a crappy few days, but seriously, anyone else want to kick me while i'm down? This last week was supposed to be fun - dinners out, dinners in, fun xmas stuff, but instead i'm just done in, and though a few fun things are happening, it's tainted.

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