Sunday, December 16, 2007

Just hanging out...

Just hanging out in Oakland, ahhhh. Last night we went to Stian's parents christmas party which was fun, other than that just went for some low-key shopping in the afternoon. This morning Nicola, Lala, Finn and I have been hanging out while Mike and Stian painted the house. After looking at photos of Riley (I miss you Riley!) and playing with my new phone we played with playdough (god I love playdough) and now it's nap time. Who knows what is up for the afternoon, there is a sense of lethargy around.

So here is Lala and I (taken by Nicola), talking to each other on my two phones. And wearing a pair of Emma's pink trousers (which Emma grew out of) that made me miss the Shank family today too...:0(

AND PS - Baby Phillips still has no name....come on guys!

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