Sunday, December 30, 2007

Santa Cruz and San Luis Obispo

A quick trip squeezed in before I head on out to Hawaii tomorrow. This post is short as officially I am packing (unofficially i'm watching a movie.....but should be packing).

We headed out to Santa Cruz on Friday afternoon. Stian was a great tour guide, did the quick tour around the university, the seafront, beaches, walked around town then ended the tour with some arcade games on the broadwalk. Needless to say, arcade games have somewhat advanced since either of us last played and we failed miserably at all, even the pin ball!

On Saturday we kept on going south to San Luis Obispo to visit some of Stian's high school and college friends. Had a burrito lunch, a nice walk and even some bowling in the evening - really fun. This morning we then met up with Kelly, Dave and little Lance for breakfast and a walk around the town, then back to Oakland for dinner with Stian's family.

Both places were a lot of fun and i'm so glad I got to see a little more of both California and Stian's past stomping grounds. Thanks for taking me baby!

Tomorrow 8.30am I'm off to Hawaii. Guess I better pack huh.....

Santa Cruz broadwalk

San Luis Obispo

San Luis Obispo pelican

Stian, Kelly, Lance and Dave

High school and college friends reunite.....with a few "new" extras in there too....

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