Saturday, December 20, 2008

Air New Zealand Rocks

I'm back! Arrived late this evening and have been in a flurry of activity trying to unpack, pull food out the freezer and clean and tidy before Stian gets here tomorrow morning. So now i'm trying to unwind my brain so I can get some sleep, it's nearly midnight here. 

I wanted to post on Air New Zealand before I forget though. Now this is a company that has it's priorities right. And not just on the things we remember from air travel five/ten years ago - like blankets, pillows, (pretty good for plane) meals, free wine and great inflight entertainment systems with more movies and TV series than you can shake a stick at - but also by thinking into the ecological future too. Unlike every other airline i've travelled with recently, Air New Zealand hasn't gone to all disposable plastics - their meals come in reusable dishes and cups, their plastic cutlery (unfortunately required for safety these days) is strong, sturdy and reusable, they ask at the beginning of the flight if you can keep your plastic cup for refilling the next time the drinks cart comes around rather than getting a new one each time, and are actually happy to fill up a water bottle instead. 

Little things, but they all impressed me. Way to go Air New Zealand

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kyllimarjaana said...

I'm so happy of you young people that you realise how important is reuse things . And save the nature . BUTT ,is it too late .