Monday, December 8, 2008


Limted access to internet this next week or so, so sorry for the few posts. When I get to a wireless I'll upload some photos.

We travelled up from Wellington on sunday and went to Okahune, went for a walk to Taranaki falls in the morning and got a few glimpses of Mount Doom (from Lord of the Rings) before the weather came in. We're now staying with my Auntie Janis and family in New Plymouth. Weather today was rainy and overcast, so we spent the day wandering around the town, went to the museum and then went for a walk around the park and zoo (in the afternoon when the rain had subsided) with Janis, my cousin Kirsty and her toddler Lucius. This evening was topped off with a good old pub quiz (of which we came 5th....of more than 5 teams before you ask) and dinner. Yum!

Tomorrow the weather is still supposed to be a little overcast, so the initial plan is to go to Waitomo caves to see glow worms (so covered over), but if it is nice we want to climb Mt Taranaki. We'll see!

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